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Watch what you watch? 9th June, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Life, Me, Spirituality.

OmenDVDOmenClipI went to see "The Omen" last night at the cinema. I have to say, I was very sceptical going into the movie because I knew the movie centred around a young boy called Damien, who's supposedly Satan's son. But none-the-less I watched it.

It was a pretty good movie, kept you on the edge of your seats. The gore scenes were more of a laugh-factor than a fear-factor…! I was in stitches at just how stupid some of the parts were.

I left the movie thinking, "this would be a good one to take non-Christian friends to". The movie clearly depicts Satan as evil… and there is the inner conflict of the lead character (an athiest) as he wrestles with coming to terms with Jesus. The movie does a good job of putting the fear of hell in you!

BUT (and this is a big But)…
I have since had a conversation. A very good friend of mine said "i don't go see any movies like that… i'm not interested in the slightest… i'd rather steer clear". That has got me thinking. I knew roughly what the movie was about… am I promoting it's content by going to see it?

What would someone think if they witnessed me going to that movie, knowing that I am dedicated to serving God and pursuing His purposes for my life? Am I being "set apart"?

I don't quite know what my thoughts are right now. Is God challenging me to avoid movies like this? or am I being OTT? Time shall tell. I pray that if it is a challenge from God, that He will strip me of any desire to see movies like this again.



1. Anonymous - 1st July, 2006
2. krystle - 19th July, 2006

Yeah, got to be careful about what we watch. Cos its shocking how much other people actually take notice of what we are doing!! What we put into ourseleves can influence our heart and thougths, which in turn can influence our actions.

I really enjoyed reading your posts and i almost started crying whilst reading about jesus being crufied. I normally try to say away from any signs of jesus getting hurt, but that post just brought home to me how much he must have suffered and the importances of his pain.

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