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My testimony = My biography 1st May, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Life, Me, Spirituality.

I've been told it's good to read missionary biographies. And I agree! I really enjoy reading about people's walk with God. There are so many lessons can be taken from their lives, learning in moments a truth that took them years to realise. I'd much rather read about their mistakes and how they solved them, and learn from it… than to struggle along myself and learn the hard way.
I'm always really amazing with how God shows up in their lives. Whether it's God speaking to them very clearly… God vividly answering their prayers… or God providing enough money to buy property to turn into a bible college, God moves mightily in these people's lives.
I have begun to see, and acknowledge that these miraculous events aren't just found in story books, but in my own life! I seem to think God won't move like that in mine, when in actual fact he will… and he has.
When asked to give my testimony, I would usually begin with something like.. "my testimony is nothing special… the usual, boring, brought-up-in-church type of testimony"… but man, how much glory do I rob God of in that one sentence.
God's hand is on my life. Looking back through the years I can see many events where God has strongly been moving, growing me into who I am supposed to be. God's hand is on my life. He moves strongly, and clearly… miraculously in fact… and quite often I fail to acknowledge this.
At various points in scripture, people are referred to, followed by the line "for God's hand was upon him". I forget that I too am a bible story. My book fits somewhere between Jude and Revelation. One day, my life could be put into a missionary biography, where people think "wow, God moved in his life". I fail to give God the glory he deserves for the things He's done, in, through, and around me.
So, God has been speaking to me about the way He has moved in my life. Clearly, obvsiously, mightly, miraculously. He can move like this in your life too. No doubt he already has. Be ready to give Him the glory. He alone deserves it!!
Father God, continue to move in my life. Do the miraculous. And in all things, may your name be exhalted. May your name be praised.



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