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fundraising concert 23rd February, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Me, Multnomah.

Where do I start? I'm totally overwhelmed by God's love! I'm in starbucks at the moment, extremely knackered, and knowing that it's God that's giving me the strength to stay awake! Just like it was him who kept me sane yesterday!

The concert last night was AMAZING! I'm so thankful the friends who played a part in the night, and so grateful for all the people God had led along to support me. The church was packed. It looked stunning. It felt stunning. God is stunning!

I've been challenged so much recently in areas of "dependency". To what extent do I depend on God for all my needs? In a huge way he has been providing for me to get to America, and even in this revelation about His amazing provision, again I was struck by just how little I depend on Him. Sitting in my car on the way over to the Church to set up, I was overwhelmed with stress. I felt like calling the whole thing off. LoL. My immediate reaction… phone a friend. So I switched on my handsfree and thought of who to phone when I suddenly realised that again, I was forsaking the guy who is my strength, my comforter, my friend, my provider… and so I switched off my handsfree and spent the remainder of the journey praying, and praising Him for the work He is doing in, and through me.

In that instant I realised again that I depend too much on people more than on God… and so I'm excited that the Holy Spirit moved me to prayer in the car. A huge part of me moving away to Seminary is to grow in my dependency on God. He alone will be my comforter, my friend, my strength, my currency, and my passion! I cannot wait to see how I grow in this area.

So it looks like last night we made £800 from the concert. God is Good. He blessed me even further in the way that only He can… He inspired a nonbelieving friend of my (who God has led me to pray for) to PRAY FOR ME! I pray that God will continue to move in His life, and lead Him to the feet of Jesus. May God be glorified!



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