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A Musical Mission 4th February, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Heart, Me, Multnomah.

I've just finished making the tickets for my Fundraising Concert… What do you think?

concert ticket

I've been getting a bit stressed out trying to organise it, but once again, God has shown me His love by putting people around me to support me just when I need it! Aileen said onthe phone, as I was ready to pull out my hair "all you need to do is sort the date, we'll take over from there!". I'm beginning to realise that Organisation/Administration is not very high on my Spiritual Gift Graphic Equaliser! Then after I got the date and venue booked up, I've text a couple of people to ask them to perform, and they're all being so helpful! Thank you Lord!
I love my God with everything I have. I sat tonight watching some Sing-a-Long thing on the tv while I was working. It was a few people going through a huge range of songs from Musicals. It always has been my dream to be on West End Stage. I dunno really what appeals to me about it. I guess I just love the music.
Well, I was sitting watching it and suddenly realised… this is what I've given up for God. And how much more fulfilling is His path than mine. Stage… the fulfillment comes during the performance, when you stand on stage in front of a live audience, and woo them with your character. A momentary fulfillment. With God, it's a permanent fulfillment. When I'm bored, He satisfies me. When I'm sad He comforts me. And… I even get to use my music for His glory… in worship. God is good!



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