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God provides in abudance! 22nd January, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Friends, Me, Multnomah.

I really dunno what to say! I feel right now like I’m living in a dream world, and that tomorrow I’ll wake up. I went yesterday to meet friends of my parents, who had offered me an amazing level of support for Multnomah. And told me I would get the cheque on the condition I went to meet them for lunch?! So yesterday, I went to lunch with them, and I guess I’d had a week or so to take it in, so I was ok. It was still rather surreal picking up a cheque for £2000 but God has said he’ll provide, and so why should something like this be so strange? God provides. I’m just beginning to realise the extent!

So we’re sitting at lunch, chatting about “stuff”, and in passing we got onto a conversation about me planning to get a sax for my birthday, so I can learn to play it when I’m in America. Next thing I knew, they’ve whipped me off to a music store in Glasgow, and I was sitting alone in my car with a saxophone in my boot! It’s not really sunk in yet. I woke up this morning scared to look across the room in case it wasn’t actually there! But… it was… and is! I’ll take a photo of it, and I’ll stick it here. It’s pretty amazing! Black…! wooo!

The question now is… how do you thank someone for being so generous. To an extent I feel like I’m not praising God enough for it. So I guess that’s what I need to work on a bit more. Thankfulness. So I’m praising God for these people, and I’m praying for all my supporters, but I have no idea how to thank this couple for their generosity. I feel like a thankyou note just doesn’t say enough. Any ideas?

I’m absolutely over the moon though. My funding is getting there, and the level of support and encouragement I’m receiving has been such an amazing blessing. On top of that… I’ve wanted a sax for years! I sat and played it for hours yesterday (well… tried to play it!) lol. I’m forever in debt to my most wonderful Father.

It really was a day of good things. Brain and Kellie’s baby has finally arrived!! Owen Scott Ingraham. 8lbs 3oz. If Kellie is feeling ok later, I’ll be going round after church to pay my first visit to little owen.

Ethan and Owen

I’m listening to a series of sermons at the moment called “the Dust of the Rabbi” by a guy called Ray Vander Laan. It’s amazing! The series is about understanding the disciple-rabbi relationship, in it’s jewish context: basically redefining what we understand discipleship to be. Coz it’s nothing like it’s supposed to be! Our western view of discipleship is totally wrong! A disciple is someone who has a “passionate obsession to be like the Rabbi”. And the question banging on in my head… “are you passionately obsessed with becoming like Jesus?”. More thoughts to come later!
I’m just getting ready to head to church. Looking forward to worship tonight. Doing things a bit differently… some older songs. It’ll be interesting. Had to put in Be Thou My Vision… the verse about the Armour of God… It’s right where God’s talking to me right now… Ephesians 6:10. Better go, don’t want to be late!



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