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The New Ark 18th January, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Life, Me, Spirituality.

What a day!!! I started back at work at The Ark today (www.ayrark.co.uk), in our new supercool building!!! I was a bit apprehensive going in… and i've been a little worried about how my schedule will come together, but Craig (my bro) has taken as his mantra "Do not worry… seek first the Kingdom of God" (his paraphrase of Matthew 6:31-33), and so I cannot worry. I am confident in my Lord, and so I will pursue Christ, and let these worries become insignificant!
The Ark story… on April 27th, The Ark was destroyed by fire. I was gutted (the Ark was something I'd help to birth). And now, 9 months later, we've taken over a building that is way better than the one before. I was struck in our prayer meeting today about just how undeserving we are of God's Grace, and about how this last 9 months has given The Ark an incredible testimony! Our relaunch slogan is "Resurrection", the idea of being brought back from the dead, better than before! And it is our hope that introducing the idea of The Ark being resurrected, will fill people with hope, and turn their eyes and hearts on to the Gospel Message.
I'm amazed at how much change I've seen in myself over the last year. Brian (my mentor) was a large part of my journal entry today. Talk about divine appointment! We met ?randomly? in starbucks, sometime in October '05, and what a journey it's been since! God has used Brian to fill me with a passion for God that I'd only ever read about in books. And i'm so thankful for his friendship! Add to that the joy of being brought into a great community of believers. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by godly people, from whom I am learning, and growing.
I'm gonna go to bed, I'm really tired, and I'm just rambling on not really knowing what I'm typing. I'll take the time to write properly tomorrow, coz I really want to excite you with the things God is challenging me on at the moment.



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