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Ramble 13th January, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Friends, Me.

What a special day today has been. Last year, I became really good friends with a girl from my course at uni, Ilona (pronounced ee-low-na). She was over on exchange from Germany. Anywayz… she's such a great girl. There were four of us who hung out all the time: Andy, Laura, Ilona, and me. She went home in June, i graduated not long after, and none of us have really seen each other since. I saw Andy on Boxing Day, and strangely enough, bumped into Laura yesterday! So for the first time since May, the four of us met up and hung out for the day (as you've probably already worked out). It was really great! We all sat about chatting and it really felt like it was only yesterday we were all sitting together in starbucks.

Now, I'm sitting on my bed, absolutely shattered! I don't remember the last time i walked about so much, so I'm probably gonna have an early night!

All glory & honour to God again. I got another donation towards my course today! God is really humbling me through this. I really didn't realise there were so many people around me willing to support me… I guess it's ironic that I discover this while trying to sort out leaving them behind. I am so thankful to God for the way He is encouraging me at the moment. I've never felt so close to Him. That's another thing about today. Andy and Laura stayed on for their 4th year, whereas I graduated after my 3rd. I was really struck today by how much i've benefitted from not being at uni this year. It's allowed me so much more time to spend in God's arms! His plan is perfect!



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