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Spiritual War 12th January, 2006

Posted by Scotty in Church, Me, Spirituality.

Today was a strange day. I was so distracted. I underestimate Spiritual Warfare!

I read a book just before new year, "Intercessor", a biography of Rees Howells who was a missionary during the Welsh Revival. It was a really challenging book. God spoke to me through it lots, and one of the things he challenged me to was to have a morning prayer time. Because of my busy schedule that means I have to get up at 6am, and spend an hour with God before I start my day. It has been taking the format of Dedicating the time to God, Praying through Ephesians 6 (the Armour of God), and basically visualising putting on God's armour, then spending the time praying (or sitting in silence) whatever the Spirit leads me to pray. It's been great.

I've been failing a little… this week I managed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, but today, I slept! And then for the rest of the day I was really distracted. And I'm realising for the past couple of weeks that I've been doing this morning time I have been having very productive God-focussed days. Today I didn't.
Added to that, we're working through Bobby Clinton's "The Making of a Leader" (Awesome Book!) and one of the homework questions is "do i under- or over-estimate Spiritual warfare!" As you can see God has put the topic at the forefront of my mind!

That aside, I had another really good meeting with Brian going through some business things. I love him, and I love the work God is using me to do in Re:Hope. This has been a very special year and I'm enjoying every moment. Brian mentoring me is an answer to 3 or 4 years of prayer! And I'm glad it took so long to be answered, because I really couldn't imagine anyone else mentoring me.

I was really struck by this during the church prayer time in the evening. We meet at Brian's every second week at 8pm for prayer, and normally it's just the Re:Hope leadership team, but this week we had some extra faces which was really encouraging. During the prayer I was really struck by how strongly God's Spirit was present during the prayers, and even moreso, struck by the fact that God's Spirit has been present at everything we've been doing. I left that prayer meeting filled with a confidence I haven't felt before… confident that when people come to our church, they will meet with God! He is there moving! Then God really put Brian and Kellie into my heart, and I was brought almost to tears. I'm so thankful for being a part of their life. They are a very godly couple. They are great parents and are a wonderful example of a God-centred marriage. I realised that I've never seen either of them angry, or heard them speak a bad word against anyone or anything. They give God glory in every situation. I'm honoured to be working so closely with them.

Anywayz, I'm off to sleep. Hopefully I can get up for prayer tomorrow. I really enjoy spending the extra time with God… It's just gonna take a wee bit of getting used to as I try to readjust my sleeping pattern. I'm just loving the work God is doing in my heart at the moment. Hopefully this 'blog' will be more about what God is doing in me, than what I've been doing with me! lol.



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